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St. Petersburg, the Venice of the North - tips for experiencing St. Pete

St. Petersburg
– the Venice of the North


If you visit just one church, go for this:
Church of the Savior on Blood: (in Russian)
Wiki: (in English)

St Isaac’s Cathedral was built over 30 years. If you climb up to the tower, you have very good sight over the city. St Isaac’s Cathedral:

Kazan Cathedral you can visit for free:,_St._Petersburg (picture below)


The most popular and the biggest museum in St. Pete is Hermitage:

Russian Museum is great too:

Here is list of museums in St. Pete (more than 200 museums, and it is not even all), but the list is only in Russian:

One of the newest museums is Faberge Museum:

Other interesting:

Peter and Paul Fortress:
and sightseeing flights over St. Petersburg by helicopter (
(pictures below)

Metro (subway), metro is the best way to move in this big city, metro stations are beautiful, metro by night can be visited as a guided tour.

Walks on Roofs, guided tours: Walks on Roofs Spb

Art Center Loft Projekt Etagi + cafe on the roof, good view over St. Pete from the highest roof – good place to hang around and have good time with friends. I would go for this for the rooftop places.

Center of Contemporary Arts Erarta: Erarta

Boat trips
on rivers, canals, and Neva, also at nighttime. Take one of these (you can book from Nevski prospect or straight from a boat stand), if the weather is warm enough. Photo above.

”Shoe Street” Zagorodnyi prospekt (near metrostation Vladimirskaja/Dostojevskaja)

Slum’s walk and other guided theme walks, bicycle rides and so on: I love these tours with Peter’s Walk. Guides speak fluent English.

Planeta Neptun: Inside you will find Oceanarium, science cafe called Trans-Force and salon of horror’s and legends of St.Pete

Guided bus tours: I would probably take the tour of the city like this, if the weather is warm enough.
The oldest shopping center in the city, Gostinyj Dvor: Gostinyj Dvor (in Russian)
Wiki: (in English)

Miniature of Russia, Grand Maket:

Beautiful Palace and Fountain area outside St. Pete, Petergof: (by hydrofoil, local train, minibus)

Mariinsky Theatre:

Dom knigi, “the house of books”, the biggest book store in St. Pete:
(in Russian)

Junona (a market place outside of the city center)

Apraksin Dvor (a market place in city center):

Retro Tram tour: (in Russian only). Photo below.

Ballet (many theatres around the city)

Concerts (around the city)


Jazz filharmonic hall:


Club Metro:

Dune Club and the other small clubs in area of Ligovskij Prospekt 50

Some clubs in St. Pete: St. Petersburg Times 

Russian show (and dinner) for example in restaurant Troika: (or in other restaurants) (photos below)

Food and drinks:

“Bar Street” ulitsa Rubinsteina

“Club Street” ulitsa Dumskaja

Georgian restaurants, you should try at least once Georgian food in St. Pete:
Hotchu Hartcho:
There are plenty of Georgian restaurants around the city! Some are expensive, some quite cheap.

Different experience: Dinner in the dark: Dans Le Noir: Go for it! ;)

Ginza restaurants Terrassa ja Mansarda (quite expensive fine dining)

Vegetarian restaurant Cafe Idiot: (interesting and cozy place)

Champagne Breakfast in Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge. Photo below.

Russian eateries:

Teremok: Eat pancakes here (blini in Russian).

Chainaya Lozhka: Eat pancakes here (blini in Russian).

More tips, see for example: St. Petersburg in Your Pocket

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